Experiments and thoughts...

This is a space for to show off the small builds that serve as proofs of concept for larger projects or are just interesting in their own right. Not everything is mobile friendly and nothing here has been tested in internet explorer. Enjoy.

Video Site Concept

Bubbles Generator

Reveal Site Concept

Circle Nav Concept

Accordion Prototype

Lines Forever

Canvas Balls

Video Koi Store

Moar Balls

Jquery Heat Map

Canvas Boxes

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Things I've Designed

Here are some of my favorite design projects, submited for your enjoyment and consideration.

User Experience & Interfaces

Graphic Design


Mobile Only & Print


Making the Internet More Awesome

Troy's Resume Website

This site has more information about my background, skills, and current backend projects I'm working on. Bask in the glory of its single page layout, and hover effects while you peruse my latest data driven applications.

1 Billion Bits

You may have heard about this thing called "google fiber" that's been happening here in Kansas City lately. I don't know, people tell me it's a big deal. This site is for an awesome grassroots initiative I'm helping to organize to foster community conversations on the possibilties of this innovative infrastructure.

Talo Acoustics

One of the last projects I worked on for Galleon Labs as their creative director. This site features a CSS3 background slideshow, compact futuristic design, and transparent containers with a "Tron meets James Bond" kind of style.

The Clarus Group

My task was to turn a local technology recruiting firm's website into something that would make them stand out from other technology recruiting companies. Paralax images, flat UI elements, and 100% responsive applications brought that vision to life. Checkmate other competing recruiting companies.


Full of subtle koi humor and numerous historical falsehoods about the origins of these iconic fish, this website was an attempt of mine to show that ecommerce sites don't have to be cluttered and horrible. It features a stunning video background and completely transparent layout, so users can enjoy nature while shopping. Best to not attempt to view this site on mobile.
Visit Nishikigoi

My Latest Website

If you're interested in my most recent digital exploits look no further. Built for the Olathe North Quarter Back Club to support their favorite team, it's probably just the greatest high school football team website ever created.


Client Utilities

Thanks for visiting! Here are your options:

1 Billion Bits Logo

The difficulty and joy of this project was in trying to find a symbolism that wasn't completely worn out and made sense for a grassroots effort to enhance app development around 1 gigabit internet. The solution was found in the binary representation of 1billion, which was wrapped around concentric layers starting from two number symbolising a small dedicated group from which interest expanded out exonentially. Rebranding

A holy warrior bringing peace and tranquility to people with leaking or worn out roofs. Using a blueprint inspired font, and then multiple layers and color overlays to bring to life a powerful meditating figure with a disembodied roof floating over his head like a halo. My work here is done.

Dr Peet's Educational Software Branding

This project focused on updating the logo for a twenty year old company trying to use technology to teach children how to read. Most competitors are clip art driven, but this particular company had a history dating back to starting on the big island of hawaii that I incorporated into the design.

Far Beyond Food Logo

Your standard word mark with a twist. A heavily modified font denotes movement past standard nutrition practices and drop shadow utensils show a dependence on foundational mechanics and traditions that can't be overlooked. A seamless blending of old and new.

Taloacoustics Motion Logo 1

This client already had a logo but was wanting something special for their new website. This design, which ended up being the one they loved incorporated the outline of an eclipsed moon made of coils of light that pulsed and arched between the points to the music this speaker company brought into the world. Simply, meaningful, and eye catching.

Taloacoustics Motion Logo 2

The second option presented to the client, this motion logo shows the clients existing logo glowing with acoustic energy moving the spinning galaxy behind it. In the end they loved how they could stare at this option for hours finding new detail and depth, but found the first option more meaningful for their brand. Still, this is probably one of my favorite logos.

Globe Wernicke Web Banner

This was more of a restoration project than design, but involved picking pieces from numerous advertisements and display copy we found in the client's collection, merging the best parts together, repairing enough water and age damage for the piece to feel authentic without being tattered and then gluing it all back together to serve as the center piece of their new ecommerce site.


Being a starving visual artist has its perks. When my former business partner's birthday came up and I couldn't afford to buy him anything I told him to pick his favorite work of art and I'd put his face in it. I was supremly pleased with his choice of young napolean riding a horse, and he loved the result. Win win.

Business Instruments Mockup

This is the project that cemented me as one of the top user experience designers in Kansas City. Designing from the ground up a wireframe, mockup, and userflow of a web platform that included a Client Relationship Management tool, an Online Accounting Program, and a full Project Management suite along with dashboard and system management components. It was a monster project, and it cost me more sleep than I care to remember, but I loved it and the world it opened up for me.

Clarus Group Wireframe

This UX project is memorable since it was the first time where I wasn't just wireframing or designing something to hand off to the developer team, but would build the backend logic myself. End to end, this contract made me a full stack developer and designer.

TalentHelix Wireframe

While this doesn't constitute my best work, it was made in MS Paint for godsake. It was my first UX project, even though I didn't realize that's what I was doing. I was the "business guy" on my first startup team, had written a 90 page business plan, had investors lined up waiting to see a product, but no product. Turns out we had all undervalued the importance of having an "art hipster" on the team, so confident in my taste I set out to create the interface I had dreamed up while making the business model. While the product was never finished, it wasn't for want of a design and really set me on the path I find myself walking today.

Instryd UX Mockup

One of my favorite startup oriented UX design and builds to date. This project is notable as an attempt to put a very polished design on an MVP to serve as both a static product demo for investors and beta testors as well as being a fully functional design for the initial version of the product.

Smart Steps Mobile Design

While designing this iOS app turned me from an Apple fan into an absolute cynic (if you've ever used x-code you know what I'm takling about), it gave me the ability to see the world through native app glasses.

Intelliair Responsive Emails

This project is notable for the responsive email template we developed that could have all kinds of divergent messaging plugged in and render correclty on desktop or mobile email clients. All while providing the entire navigation functionality of the client's actual site. Their user engagement for email campaigns improved dramatically with this beauty.

Chaime Mixing Instructions

My short lived stint as president and operations guy for a chocolatey chai tea startup serves as example to myself and others that "yes, I did once upon a time pride myself on creating awesome looking documents in Microsoft Office". Lest we ever forget where it is we come from...

Folio Boy Business Cards

Another example of how webdesign skills can translate to the physical world, this was something of a charitable endeavor for a friend who had probably the most horrendous business cards I've ever seen. Taking textures, colors, and graphics from his website I whipped up these little beauties for him. Though he's gone through a significant rebranding since these were made as well as much market success, I like to think I did my part